December 2012 //
Vol. 30 // No. 2
Dec 21, 2012
Welcome to the new Partners! In this issue, we’re recapping our exciting 30th anniversary year, and we’re doing it in a new format – shorter and sweeter than ever. So click along for a look at our 2012 achievements, a peek at 2013, and a big thank-you to our loyal Medal Members.
CTIC Photo
Join CTIC in 2013 for another great Conservation In Action Tour and more conservation success on the ground.
CTIC Photo
Coming in 2013: CIA Tour, Cover Crop Survey
By Steve Werblow

The excitement of 2012, our 30th anniversary year, is still ringing in our ears as we prepare for still more great opportunities in 2013.

Mark your calendar for the 2013 Conservation In Action Tour, July 9 and 10 in Livingston County, Ill. We’ll be visiting the hub of several outstanding watershed conservation projects, with stops at demonstration plots, on-farm trials and in-stream water quality testing stations.

More than 40 percent of the farm acreage in the 80-square-mile watershed is enrolled in conservation programs, and many of the watershed’s 160 farmers are on the CTIC-facilitated Indian Creek Watershed Project advisory board.

That dramatic level of involvement was the subject of the webinar that launched the Great Rivers/Upstream Heroes Watershed Implementation and Innovation Network (WIIN). Tune in early in 2013 for the official launch of the WIIN website, an online learning and brainstorming resource for watershed project managers throughout the Mississippi River Basin.

Watch for results from our 2013 Cover Crops Grower Survey, which will provide insight from farmers into the opportunities and challenges they have experienced in growing cover crops. The survey will offer guidance in championing and promoting cover crops nationwide.