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EPA's New CAFO Rule Changes "Duty to Apply" for NPEDS Permit


Nutrient management plans and voluntary NPDES permits may be helpful to confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) – even if they do not discharge or don’t propose to discharge water from their operations.

EPA's New CAFO Rule Changes "Duty to Apply" for NPDES Permit

Preventing discharges of nutrients, fecal coliform, and other contents of manure is about more than the capacity of lagoons and dikes. It’s about soils, hydrology and management, too.


Conservation In Action Tour 2009

More than 80 people from 15 states joined CTIC in Western Illinois for a one-day tour visiting three farms and three agricultural facilities.


Field Day Featured Tools for Farm Profitability

The Bootheel Nutrient Management Committee held two events recently to provide tools and information for improving nitrogen efficiency in Southeast Missouri.

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More Acres Can Also Mean More Conservation

The Schroeders not only manage their residue, but they also apply conservation practices, such as terraces, grassed waterways, field borders, contour buffer strips and filter strips that keep the soil in place, slow runoff, and maintain water quality in adjacent streams and water bodies.

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Research & Technology Briefs

Corn, cotton, soybean, and wheat growers now have access to a free, confidential online tool. Minnesota project releases biofuels study. USDA will provide a total of $320 million over the next four years for voluntary projects in priority watersheds in 12 key states.

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CTIC Board of Directors meeting scheduled for February 2010. We're now at www.ctic.org. Learn more about one of our ongoing projects.

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